Daily Face Routine


So I thought I’d share with you guys my daily skin care routine! I love learning about new products but I can say that when I find something that I LOVE, I stick with it. If you are looking to freshen up your face then you may just enjoy this post…

I have always taken care of my face and have used good products since like forever but that is only thanks to my mom who has literally taught me the importance of this and has supported this habit…thanks mom… I hope to influence my girls with this too eventually.

Ok and please don’t think you need ALL that I use or that I am an expert or anything because clearly I am not, but I do feel if you wanted to change one thing about your daily regimen, well the most important thing we all need in our lives is a good freaking face cleanser!! And NO ladies I am NOT talking about Ponds, Clinique, Cetaphil (oh this was my bff in high school, mom didn’t help support the habit then) or something like that, but a good ol’ professional  skincare line is highly worth the investment.

If you are in the North County area and are looking for an esthetician I highly recommend my friend Stacey in Oceanside. She is very reasonable and the absolute best!! Let me know if you want her number!  I get most of my products from her too. Oh and she has been doing this new razor exfoliating  hair removing thingy on me. UMMM you guys… you leave with all your dead skin and hair gone… if you have any peach fuzz  on your face and yes I do have some..which means no more lip wax.. woop woop, anyways your face is sooooo soooo smooth and your makeup goes on so much better. High five for that. Oh and she tints my brows too.

I have just recently upped my facial game and been going once a month and can totally see results.

Here is my current routine:


1. Wash face in morning with Image Ormedic Facial Cleanser and sprinkle in ILUMA by Image Intense Brightening Exfoliating Powder.  This creates a light little exfoliation.
2. ILUMA  by Image Intense Bleaching Serum-used to lighten my freckles and even out my skin tone
3. ILUMA by Image Intense Brightening Eye Cream
4. Colorescience Anti-aging Serum– I just recently started using this and it is uhhhh amazingggg. It has 10 anti-aging peptides in it that hydrates and smooths skin and more!
5. Image Vital C creme
6. Skin Authority Sunscreen
7. Garnier Skin Renewal Anti-Puff Eye Roller– theee best. It has caffeine in it and I swear when I roll that on my tired eyes it tones down the puff and I’m all wide awake.. totally kidding but it does feel good and I’m less puffy from it. It’s magic and cheap.


1. Wash face with Skin Authority Exfoliating CleanserOk people this is seriously a game changer. I LOVE this wash. It scrubs away dead skin and cleanses the face. I have always hated scrubs because they have been to rough but this one is not and is just awesome. please give it a whirl. I have one in my shower and one next to my sink. I also use this on my Clarisonic Brush. I try to do this at least 3 times a week.
2. Repeat all steps, obviously expect the sunscreen. duh.

One take away from this….. wash your face twice a day and take good care of your skin with some good product!!

And I’m off to go wash my face now!

xxxx Brooke



The Blogger Collaborative Part 2

Hey lovessss…..

So here are some pictures from my day with the sweetest duo The Blogger Collaborative. If you read the first post from this shoot, you will get the jist behind this shoot.

Like I had mentioned before, I was so happy that they reached out to me to be apart of this experience. Having a blog opens up so many doors and friendships that I never really thought would come from having a little blog such as mine, I am really such an amateur at it and am still learning how it all works and I think I have been blogging for almost 2 years???? hmmmmmm, well I should know this.. kinda of like how I don’t really know my very beloved dog Dynasty’s birthday.. I estimate.. he was adopted and they told us he was possibly 3 months old at the time.. and yeah, I know it was December butttttt I still need to do the math on what year that was many moons ago!!!

Sorry totally off track, I know.. insert apology here….

This day was one of those experiences for sure where I found myself grateful for having thrown myself out there into the instagram/blogging world because of all the relationships that I have formed… I was so scared starting out my blog not knowing what real good could come from sharing just little old me to others and who the heck could really give a lick, but something as fun as this being around like minded strangers who quickly turned into new friends was very refreshing… so if you are in the market for trying something new… I’d say well duhhh put your darn self out there women and goooooo…

peace out.. xxxx Brooke

Dresses: The Stylist LA
Shoes + Bracelet: Nina Shoes
Photos: Jake Fabricius
Hair + Makeup: Swell Beauty
Space: Great Over Good
Sponsors: Dunkin Donuts, Boxed Water, Blink Tattoos, EOS

Here are the ladies’ blogs and Instagram:

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|flowers and patterns|

As you know.. I’m a fan of pattern and band tees or just a basic tee. So for this look when I got these shorts from The Printed Palette I knew a band tee was in order. I also couldn’t resist one of besties @tess_made fresh flower crown oh and moccs basically complete just about any look!


|shorts| The Printed Palette |Tee| Forever 21 |flower crown| @tess_made |📷| @lauren_pollard_photography














| My Makeup Essentials |

Hi. My name’s Brooke and I’m a makeup junkie. Yep. I am. Since I’m obsessed with knowing all about beauty finds and learning about what is needed in my makeup bag, I’d thought I’d share my daily makeup routine with you! This is what I wear daily with the possibly changing up my eyeshadow to gold or brown. On the weekends if I’m doing nothing you’ll see me with basically blush and mascara on only….. Lazy as hell.

Ok so on it. I’ve been on the hunt forever now for a setting spray that makes your makeup last. Well, after watching many YouTube makeup tutorials I learned about this ALL time favorite game changer spray from Urban Decay Up All Night Setting Spray seriously you guys I’d come home from work with my makeup gone and my million of freckles shinning through! This totally last. You all need. I’ve also tried a million different primers. This one from Mac has been pretty awesome too. Good combo here.


I then use both of these for my makeup. The Chanel Lift Lumiere foundation and Laura Mercier loose powder both have extra coverage and are pretty dewy.


Next, I use Chanel concealer and just loveeeee this eyeshadow primer, Wheat from Laura Mercier it’s great even without any shadow too for those “non makeup” days.


I then spray the heck out of the spray I also spray more at end.

Ok now my fav, contouring. I just got this highlighting pen from Mac. It’s fab. and ummmm hello, I’m slightly in love with this Hoola bronzer. it’s legit. Great color and comes with a brush that’s a perfect shape! Run people and purchase. Then I use Mac blush usually. right now I’m mixing Peaches and Rosy Outlook


Now onto brows. I was introduced to @kellybakerbrows on IG. You must check her out. She has the greatest brow YouTube tutorials. Thank gawddddd I found her!!!! I also use her brow lift stuff. It’s the white pencil that you use under the brow. I don’t use a brow highlighter shadow ever since using this. It totally takes it’s place!


Then I do a black liner on top from Laura Mericer I was using Mac’s Black Track for years but hated how this dried out so quick. I was told about this one and it has totally lasted me forever and it’s just like Black Track. I then smudge my liner on the bottom with Mac Prolong eyeshadow Make Your Mark and use in the crease. Can’t forget about Chanel Volume Mascara I have tried SO many and this one I always go back to. It’s fab too. You need her! />

Ok last step. I know your probably thinking wtf. Who has time for all this. Or maybe your nodding and saying duh this is a no brainer, give me more??!!!

I use Subculture lip liner from Mac forever now. It just makes my lips look bigger. It’s a light nude color. And then I use Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightner and Nars highlighter, Albatross found this on Pinterest. Seriously can’t go without this. Then lastttt I spray more setting spray!


Hope you got some ideas! I got it all at Ulta and Nordstroms.

Let me know if you try any of it out!

Muah!! 💋