Casual Dress

Here is the other look from Sweet Se7en! Just love this shift dress ad I love wearing dresses with tennis shoes. Oh and these Nikes are my fav.  I found them on Amazon for like $60 I think… They are the Vintage leather Blazers

xxx Brooke

Dress: Sweet Se7en
Beanie: The Minted Exchange
Kicks: Amazon
Sunnies: Quay Australia Frankie
Photos: Lauren Pollard Photography

Pattern & Fanny

So there is this shop called Sweet Se7en where every Saturday there are new items listed to their collection. I have 2 to show you that I am in LOVE with! Here is the first one!!

How cute is this top! Just love. It so can be worn so many ways….

And let’s talk about this vegan, Made in America, chain clutch/fanny from Bead and Reel. This company is ethical and thoughtful to people based out of Los Angeles. Everything they sell has a distinct purpose and made to sell for a reason. You must check out this brand!!

Ok so I’m off. Chat soon,

xxx Brooke

P.S. I have a top that I will be giving away from them too. Make sure your following on Instagram to know when that is!

Top: Sweet Se7en
Hip Clutch: Bead and Reel
Cactus Necklace: Royal Bowtique
Shoes: Free People
Shades: Quay Austraila// My Girl // C.Lily Clothing
Bra: some boutique in LA and I can’t for the life of me remember the name
Jeans: J Brand
Photos: Lauren Pollard Photography



Pink & Lace

so so incredibly sad about this lace kimono that I’ve had forever from Nordstrom. Before this shoot I wore it the week before at my sister’s party and had a little too much fun drinking wine and busting a hump on the dance floor of you know what I mean ?? which equals for what you ask… Well the obvious red wine spillage on my beauty. And the absolute worst is I left it sitting on the washer to TAKE to the dry cleaners and Ryan being the helpful husband he is.. well what do you think he did?? Yep. Washed that shit. And came out destroyed. I almost cried. I think the worst is I was just talking about this little number at the party and how I love it so and how it was a gem to find. Yes I’m sick over a piece of clothing. Am I normal? Let’s hope so.

Xxx Brooke

Tank: Triple Thread Co
Jeans: Fevrie Fashion
Kimono: no longer living
Sandals: Target  Sam and Libby
Sunnies: Quay Australia 
Photos By: Lauren Pollard Photography




Hey guys!

Just realized that I have 11 more days until school starts and I’m totally dreading it…. uhhhhh and Caprice starts Kindergarten and that is another very crazyyyyyy and so sad thing to me!! I swear once school starts it’s all down hill from here…. am I right?!!!!

And I have like a million and one things to do before then…

I’m off to search the web for Caprice and Stella’s new bedding for their new bunk beds. Just love them sharing a room.
They are totally loving it too.

Chat soon loves….

xxx Brooke

Tee: Triple Thread Co
Shorts: One Teaspoon
Hat: Be Still Clothing Co
Sandals: Sam and Libby  Target
Glasses: Quay Australia  Frankie
Photos By: Lauren Pollard Photography

Daily Face Routine


So I thought I’d share with you guys my daily skin care routine! I love learning about new products but I can say that when I find something that I LOVE, I stick with it. If you are looking to freshen up your face then you may just enjoy this post…

I have always taken care of my face and have used good products since like forever but that is only thanks to my mom who has literally taught me the importance of this and has supported this habit…thanks mom… I hope to influence my girls with this too eventually.

Ok and please don’t think you need ALL that I use or that I am an expert or anything because clearly I am not, but I do feel if you wanted to change one thing about your daily regimen, well the most important thing we all need in our lives is a good freaking face cleanser!! And NO ladies I am NOT talking about Ponds, Clinique, Cetaphil (oh this was my bff in high school, mom didn’t help support the habit then) or something like that, but a good ol’ professional  skincare line is highly worth the investment.

If you are in the North County area and are looking for an esthetician I highly recommend my friend Stacey in Oceanside. She is very reasonable and the absolute best!! Let me know if you want her number!  I get most of my products from her too. Oh and she has been doing this new razor exfoliating  hair removing thingy on me. UMMM you guys… you leave with all your dead skin and hair gone… if you have any peach fuzz  on your face and yes I do have some..which means no more lip wax.. woop woop, anyways your face is sooooo soooo smooth and your makeup goes on so much better. High five for that. Oh and she tints my brows too.

I have just recently upped my facial game and been going once a month and can totally see results.

Here is my current routine:


1. Wash face in morning with Image Ormedic Facial Cleanser and sprinkle in ILUMA by Image Intense Brightening Exfoliating Powder.  This creates a light little exfoliation.
2. ILUMA  by Image Intense Bleaching Serum-used to lighten my freckles and even out my skin tone
3. ILUMA by Image Intense Brightening Eye Cream
4. Colorescience Anti-aging Serum– I just recently started using this and it is uhhhh amazingggg. It has 10 anti-aging peptides in it that hydrates and smooths skin and more!
5. Image Vital C creme
6. Skin Authority Sunscreen
7. Garnier Skin Renewal Anti-Puff Eye Roller– theee best. It has caffeine in it and I swear when I roll that on my tired eyes it tones down the puff and I’m all wide awake.. totally kidding but it does feel good and I’m less puffy from it. It’s magic and cheap.


1. Wash face with Skin Authority Exfoliating CleanserOk people this is seriously a game changer. I LOVE this wash. It scrubs away dead skin and cleanses the face. I have always hated scrubs because they have been to rough but this one is not and is just awesome. please give it a whirl. I have one in my shower and one next to my sink. I also use this on my Clarisonic Brush. I try to do this at least 3 times a week.
2. Repeat all steps, obviously expect the sunscreen. duh.

One take away from this….. wash your face twice a day and take good care of your skin with some good product!!

And I’m off to go wash my face now!

xxxx Brooke





So I have to admit, I suck big time.. I mentioned a few posts back that I was going to REALLY try and post more especially weekly.. well as you can clearly see.. um I failed. MAN it is hardddd. I honestly thought being on summer break I’d make more time.. nope, we have been so busy! I have checked off a lot of my summer to do list actually which is amazing in itself… one big one was getting a better personalized blog.. and I AM working on that. So hopefully soon there will be a much prettier one to look at.  Oh, and another huge to do of mine was cleaning out my closet and selling it on Instagram. I created a new account, follow me to see when I post over on @brooklynninspired_closet to get some of my clothes!

Ok ,so on to this look. I am seriously a fan of overalls. I only own 2 pairs of the shortalls but I am itching for some cute pant ones. They are so cute with booties, gladiators, converse slash vans…

Chat soon,

xxxx Brooke

Overalls: Forever 21
Tank:  Triple Thread
Gladiators: Steve Madden  Nordstrom
Sunnies: Quay Australia
Photos: Lauren Pollard Photography



Feed Me or Fight Me

I am just going to say hashtag hangry.  Don’t you just hate this feeling?!!! I am the worst.. could you imagine feeling like this constantly?Well Feed Me or Fight Me is a company in San Diego started by a veteran that donates $1 from every tee bought to help feed the homeless veterans. I just love this lifestyle brand. Check them out!

xxx Brooke




Tee: Feed Me or Fight Me
Shorts: Jbrand
Shoes:  Toms  Nordstrom
Sunnies: Quay Australia
Photos: Lauren Pollard Photography

Catcus + Fringe

It has been awhile I know…. I am now on summerrrr break and can you say heaven! Seriously.

So this dress is from Triple Thread Co and I’m hooked on the fringe. and obvi this cactus corner. How lucky are the owners of this little pad. Lauren always takes clients there and the cray lady is yelling at her to leave. so let’s just say we were quick..



Xxxx Brooke 

Dress: Triple Thread Co
Hat: Target
Shoes: Toms  Nordstrom
Glasses: Quay Australia
Lip: MAC Relentlessly Red
Photos: Lauren Pollard Photography