Black on Black and 2 Hats 

Hey loves!

Black and black is fab but I always always add color to it somehow and I seriously don’t plan it. My hands just gravitate to choosing color.. the tan hat is some sort of color not sure how much color that really counts but… yeah if you notice the shoes. I have nothing wrong with all all black but I seriously have a thing for color. My brain must be wired that way. hahhah (insert emoji)

xxx Brooke

Tee: Be Still Clothing Co
Jeans: J Brand
Hat: Target and Be Still Clothing Co
Shoes: so olddddddd
Photos By: Lauren Pollard Photography




So I have to admit, I suck big time.. I mentioned a few posts back that I was going to REALLY try and post more especially weekly.. well as you can clearly see.. um I failed. MAN it is hardddd. I honestly thought being on summer break I’d make more time.. nope, we have been so busy! I have checked off a lot of my summer to do list actually which is amazing in itself… one big one was getting a better personalized blog.. and I AM working on that. So hopefully soon there will be a much prettier one to look at.  Oh, and another huge to do of mine was cleaning out my closet and selling it on Instagram. I created a new account, follow me to see when I post over on @brooklynninspired_closet to get some of my clothes!

Ok ,so on to this look. I am seriously a fan of overalls. I only own 2 pairs of the shortalls but I am itching for some cute pant ones. They are so cute with booties, gladiators, converse slash vans…

Chat soon,

xxxx Brooke

Overalls: Forever 21
Tank:  Triple Thread
Gladiators: Steve Madden  Nordstrom
Sunnies: Quay Australia
Photos: Lauren Pollard Photography



Catcus + Fringe

It has been awhile I know…. I am now on summerrrr break and can you say heaven! Seriously.

So this dress is from Triple Thread Co and I’m hooked on the fringe. and obvi this cactus corner. How lucky are the owners of this little pad. Lauren always takes clients there and the cray lady is yelling at her to leave. so let’s just say we were quick..



Xxxx Brooke 

Dress: Triple Thread Co
Hat: Target
Shoes: Toms  Nordstrom
Glasses: Quay Australia
Lip: MAC Relentlessly Red
Photos: Lauren Pollard Photography

Gypsy Soul

Hey all!

So I am making a commitment today to try to be better at posting more through out the week. So here’s to trying to stay organized and follow through. If I had a cocktail in hand I’d cheers you. Wish me luck 😁😁 #theresnotenoughhoursinaday

Oh… and this tee is from my girl at Enjoy Essential. I remember blogging about one of her first tees a year or so ago and it’s crazy to see how much this little shop has become!! So proud of all you hard working shop owners chasing down your dream… You go girls. Or boys too I might add❤️

Have a great week!

xxx Brooke

TeeEnjoy Essential
Bracelet: Nina Shoes
Skinnies: J Brand
Sweater: Forever 21
Booties: Target
Sunnies: Quay Australia



Hey guys!

It’s been some time, I know. I seriously have not taken time to do any blog posts… Uhhhhhh. Work and life always seem to get in the way, but I am counting down the days until summer…. 5 weeks. 24 days to be exact.

Here is another look from Be Still’s  new spring line. If your a wifey, do your hubby a favor and pick one up.. He’ll be proud for sure.

xxx Brooke

Tee: Be Still Clothing Co.
Joggers: old  Nordstrom
Shoes: old  Forever 21
Sunnies:  Kate Spade  Nordstrom
Lippy: Flat Out Fabulous MAC
Pictures: Lauren Pollard Photography



Floral duster + Graphic tee


Hi loves!

I have a love for these 2 shops on this post. Upward Collective makes these fab flannels and now are making one-of-a kind dusters like this one I am wearing…. I simply love it and Hello Fab has many great pieces and jewels that you can buy instantly on their Instagram page. And not to mention, they are the sweetest to work with. seriously… oh, and I may not be in sweatpants but my hair is messy..

xxx Brooke

Tee: Hello Fab
Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Duster: Upward Collective
Boots: old Marshalls
Sunnies: Free People




Everyday seriously, feels like a hustle for me.. Being a working mom to two little girls and having a demanding job like teaching makes me freak out at times… just a tad. Soooo this tee from Hello Fab is perfect for me. Run to their IG and order it directly from there. Genius right? And of course these bells make this outfit. So fun. I’m totally a fan of bells. Cutest ever. These are from Gemini Gypsies Boutique. Run to their site too! You’ll love! 

Xxx Brooke 

|tee| Hello Fab  |bells| Gemini Gypsies Boutique   |hat| The Minted Exchange |necklace| Nordstrom

|A Fashion + Wine Series #2|

back at the wine series with look #2 featuring an oh so yummy white wine// 2013 HALL Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc from Hall Wines . This Sauvignon Blanc  is  a  light, crisp, dry wine so I thought it would be paired perf with a flowy, little light number of a dress  on this warm winter day, yes I said winter… the perks of living in San Diego. We took these pictures at my friend Alex’s house from Alexandra Heckaman Photo which is seriously the cutest by the way, PS.


xxx Brooke

|Wine|  Hall Wines    |Dress|  old  Forever 21   |Shoes|   Steve Madden  PeaceLoveShea  |Sunnies|  Kate Spade   |Photos|  Alexandra Heckaman 

IMG_8352 IMG_8355 IMG_8354IMG_8346 IMG_8349 IMG_8360 IMG_8345IMG_8351IMG_8347IMG_8353IMG_8362IMG_8356


|Urban Feeling|

Hey party people….

I love bags. I love color and I love this one from LABela. All their bags are handmade from around the world and are the cutest. Check them out! I also am wearing a tee from The Printed Palette… I have some more looks from them coming your way soon. Oh, and I am wearing my new fav jeans from JBrand. I have been seeing these suckers all over IG and have been dreaming about them. They are a pretty penny but oh so worth it. Splurge, a little. You won’t regret it when you are home. well… you may as you hand over your card, but when you get home and wear them or live in them, you’ll be happy.

xxx Brooke
|Bag|  LABela Bags    |Tee|   The Printed Palette    |Skinnies|  JBrand   |Hat|   Urban Outfitters   |Sweater|   Nordstrom   |Shoes|  Steve Madden  PeaceLoveShea  |Lippy|  MAC Relentlesly Red  |Photos|  Lauren Pollard Photography

|A Fashion + Wine series|


Hey friends!
I am so excited to share with you guys a fun little series with a winery, Hall Wines. When I was asked to share my fashion advice paired with wine I said… hmmmm heck yes, wine and clothes. Duhhhhhh… Such a great idea! Okay, so follow along with me as I screw the meat and veggies and add my own type of meat to this table.

A little background first on Hall Wines. They are located in Napa Valley, oh and Napa Valley is on my bucket list to visit someday, just saying. Hopefully I will actually be able to visit the winery in real life but you guys. This. Wine. Is. Like no other. Sooo good. You must try it and if you do please do me a favor and pair it with an outfit… because like why not?

The wine I’m pairing today is a 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon and yes drinking wine while shooting totally made for some fun.

Okay, so first up… A boho look. My friends at LOLOelle Boutique sent me 2 fun pieces for this series and I knew that this sweater would be perf for the occasion.


Xxx Brooke

| Wine|  Hall Wines   |Sweater|    LOLOelle boutique    |Tee|   Pretty Dirty Hippie     |Sunnies|  Kate Spade  Nordstrom     |Hat|    Urban Outfitters    |Lippy|   Mac  Relentlessy Red   |Pants|  old   some boutique years ago 🙁   |Photos|  Alexandra Heckaman