Groopdealz Turns 5!

Hey guysssss….

So I have been a fan of Groopdealz for awhile now and have bought a bunch from there. When I was asked to host a giveaway for them I was all ummmm hell yesssssss….of course! If you have no idea what this site is….then… it is basically a site that hosts deals at such great prices! You can find clothing, jewelry, kid stuff, home decor and tons, tons, tons more. Do me a favor and check them out.

To celebrate Groopdealz 5th birthday I will be choosing a winner on my Instagram page @brooklynninspired to win a $50 credit at Groopdealz starting today 9-18-15 and ending Sunday 9-20-15. You must have a Groopdealz account in order to win. You can sign up here if needed. And you can also visit Groopdealz where they are hosting a big giveaway to win a $500 credit. 50 winners will be chosen! Get on it….
Enter Competition

Here is a few surprise pieces that they sent me!

 Let me know how your Groopdealz goes..

Shoes: Steve Madden Nordstrom
Sunnies: C Lily Clothing Quay Australia
Bracelets: Keep Collective

xxx Brooke


Je Suis Prete



Je Suis Prete : I Am Ready

Are you ready? For what?…. you maybe thinking or wondering….. well these words can mean so much to so many of us. It can mean something different depending on how you think or feel when you read this…. Be Still Clothing Company printed this phrase on their tees to remind others of how we can be ready for it all.

To me it’s a reminder to always be ready for new experiences, any new obstacles that God puts in front of me, being ready to learn and ready to grow….. Je Suis Prete…

Happy week!

xxx Brooke

Tee: Be Still Clothing Company
Hat: Urban Outfitters
Shorts: old Nordstom
Boots: old TJ Maxx
Photos: Lauren Pollard Photography



Oh Flannel

This ombre flannel from Upward Collective  is the cutest. They have so many cute choices that are all one of a kind vintage pieces. And also this tee from Hello Fab is rad. 

xxx Brooke 









 Flannel: Upward Collective
Hello Fab
old Nordstrom
Target Sam and Libby
Lauren Pollard Photography

|Whaley like it.|

oh heyyyyy….

Here is another look from The Printed Palette. These shorts are great and loving this tee…and I think everyone needs a pair of high top Converse in their life. They go with so much and are a much needed staple.

xxx Brooke
|Tee + Shorts|  The Printed Palette   |Shoes|  Nordstrom   |Photos|  Glow Studio


|Urban Feeling|

Hey party people….

I love bags. I love color and I love this one from LABela. All their bags are handmade from around the world and are the cutest. Check them out! I also am wearing a tee from The Printed Palette… I have some more looks from them coming your way soon. Oh, and I am wearing my new fav jeans from JBrand. I have been seeing these suckers all over IG and have been dreaming about them. They are a pretty penny but oh so worth it. Splurge, a little. You won’t regret it when you are home. well… you may as you hand over your card, but when you get home and wear them or live in them, you’ll be happy.

xxx Brooke
|Bag|  LABela Bags    |Tee|   The Printed Palette    |Skinnies|  JBrand   |Hat|   Urban Outfitters   |Sweater|   Nordstrom   |Shoes|  Steve Madden  PeaceLoveShea  |Lippy|  MAC Relentlesly Red  |Photos|  Lauren Pollard Photography

|A Fashion + Wine series|


Hey friends!
I am so excited to share with you guys a fun little series with a winery, Hall Wines. When I was asked to share my fashion advice paired with wine I said… hmmmm heck yes, wine and clothes. Duhhhhhh… Such a great idea! Okay, so follow along with me as I screw the meat and veggies and add my own type of meat to this table.

A little background first on Hall Wines. They are located in Napa Valley, oh and Napa Valley is on my bucket list to visit someday, just saying. Hopefully I will actually be able to visit the winery in real life but you guys. This. Wine. Is. Like no other. Sooo good. You must try it and if you do please do me a favor and pair it with an outfit… because like why not?

The wine I’m pairing today is a 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon and yes drinking wine while shooting totally made for some fun.

Okay, so first up… A boho look. My friends at LOLOelle Boutique sent me 2 fun pieces for this series and I knew that this sweater would be perf for the occasion.


Xxx Brooke

| Wine|  Hall Wines   |Sweater|    LOLOelle boutique    |Tee|   Pretty Dirty Hippie     |Sunnies|  Kate Spade  Nordstrom     |Hat|    Urban Outfitters    |Lippy|   Mac  Relentlessy Red   |Pants|  old   some boutique years ago 🙁   |Photos|  Alexandra Heckaman






|Salt Swept Blues. Sun Faded Hues|

It was freezing today…. well for some of you, you probably would have thought it was nice, but for me I was freezinggggg so it feels totally appropriate to be posting a nice beach day shoot. I want to be in the warm right now…. But again it’s nice that it’s finally feeling like winter here in San Diego!!!


|Tee| The Printed Palette    |Kimono| old F21   | Jeans| old Nordstrom     |Shoes| Toms
|Sunnies| old Free People











|spilled it|

Hey loves!

I’ve been meaning to finish blogging more looks from my shoot with my friend Alexandra Heckaman Photo and The Printed Palette that we took like a month ago probably! I’m so bad, I know, but honestly the days fly by! Seriously, here’s some truth. Having a blog is a lot of work you guys! I mean it’s so fun getting clothes to blog about and meeting such sweet people that many relationships have turned into friendships and I love getting to have a space that I can share what I’m into at the moment and to inspire others with some fashion which I love…But, between my job as a teacher (for those of you that didn’t know, I teach 1st grade) which is such a demanding job… And being a mom to two little girls andddddd a wife, oh my…at times I’m like how do I keep up!!!

It may look all fun and easy when you see these bloggers all perfect in their little squares but guys work goes into it.. I guess I’m speaking for me😂😂 Like 1. Get a sitter to shoot some looks, plan a time when you CAN do it around your work schedule and husband’s schedule (He’s a firefighter and gone a lot) so between him and my mom’s schedule.. Or you have no choice and you maybe forced to bring them running around crazy like I had to on this shoot.. OR if you are just wanting a quick post find someone home to snap it with your phone with out bitching aka… Ryan 😂 2. Pack a huge bag of clothes, shoes, jewelry you know it all. 3. Have my oh so amazing friend Lauren take time out of her very busy schedule to kindly shoot pics for me all out of the goodness of her heart. I heart her so. Just saying… OR my friend Alex like she did here and PS Alex is another amazing photographer!! 4. They edit. 5. Then send them to me. 6. I choose ones to post. Save each one to phone all while after work in between taking care of my pretties and finding time to read or simply do. nothing.. 7. Then start blog post. Hit Save Draft a lot and go back a lot to finish it.. 8. Oh my this is the worst.. decide which one to post and to try to pay attention to not posting more than 2 or 1 a day! I mean whoever made up that rule… IS lame. That’s another story 😉 oh and the most important, email back and forth these wonderful shops who choose me to represent their piece. Heart you too guys so much! Also why I’m on that subject thank youuuu guys for always being SO patient and sweet with my crazy schedule!!!

With all that being said I love having this hobby as my husband calls it. I just want to be real and not have anyone think it’s all fluff and glitter or however that saying goes!! but It allows me to take time for myself which we all need to do, especially being a mom. For sure I have been enjoying this little journey of mine and I am totally grateful for it.

Maybe I’m sharing this because these are things I wonder when I see other bloggers especially these hugeeee ones where I’m like, girl spill it. Now.



|Photos| Alexandra Heckaman Photo

|Tee| The Printed Palette 

|Leggings| Nordstrom

|Boots + Collar shirt| old Nordstrom

|Bralette| Free People










|Workout cuteeee|

So I am that girl who wears my old clothes and never buys new cute workout clothes much… I hate spending money on that, I’d rather buy clothes but my thoughts on that have totally changed once I came across Albion Fit, their workout clothes ARE clothes! 🙂  Seriously. These leggings. you guys. are really everything….I have been living in them lately. They are made from a premium fabric and are SO comfy and so cute and can be worn to the gym or out! I have dressed them up and I have also dressed them down to lounge in to be comfy but still wanting to be kinda cute.. you know those days?? This baseball tee is perfect for the gym too as well as part of an outfit. I totally get buying cute workout clothes that you can use for workout and also for a day outfit!! So many ways to wear their clothes!

Check them out guys. They have the cutest stuff and have so much to choose from! I want it all!!!



|Leggings + Tee| Albion Fit |Nikes| old Famous Footwear |Snapped by| @lauren_pollard_photography














Meet Ashley. She is the winner from the giveaway I hosted on my Instagram a few weeks ago where she won 2 style boards. One her look, a #Uboard with my twist on it and then one board of my picks, #BrookePicks. I had so much fun doing this for Ashley! After asking her some questions I definelty had a good vision of where I wanted to go with this. I made sure to include pieces that could be mismatched into many different looks that are edgy, yet practical for everyday. She is a hairdresser, so I wanted to give her some looks that are still stylish, but professional for her career! I really hope she likes it! Ashley was so easy to style. I mean c’mon look at her!
1. What is your style in your words?

If you could blend relaxed/beachy/boho/biker chic.. I feel like you would get my dream closet.. im working at it! so random.. but I’m okay with the randomness.

2. What kind of outfits are you looking for?

I need more outfits for work! any color/style.. as long as I can move my arms, while I do hair.

3. Where do you shop? 

I typically shop at F21, Royalie (boutique in Oceanside), Surf Ride, Captain’s Helm (consignment store in Oside), sometimes nordies/rack/brass plum..there are a few boutiques in Carlsbad Village that I love.. The Beat/ Blues&Shoes.. but I’ve always got my eyes open, anywhere I go. (I’ve found a lot of good stuff at Target, The Closet, Marshall’s/TJmaxx🙈)..

4. What is your spending limit for each board? 

Part time mama, on a budget; would love to keep it under a $100 (if possible!!)

5. What are things you won’t wear? 

I don’t like to wear anything that is uncomfortable or clingy.

6. What are pieces you find yourself always wearing? 

I always have on at least one of the following: cut off shorts, kimono, ankle booties, loose/off the shoulder tops, flannels, pleather leggings, baseball tees. I found a pair of the leopard slip ons, that I love🙌 .. Converse/Vans shoes. pieces that can be dressed up/down and/or can be worn with anything.

7. Are you risky with your style?

Not so risky.. but open to options! I need help! I want a fun style!

8. Is there something you really want to see on your boards? 

I wanna see stuff I like, with your fun twist on it!

9. Anything else you’d love for me to know??

I typically stick with solid colors (because it’s safe); and because of all my tattoos, I don’t want to feel like I have “too much going on”.. too busy. although, I love simple floral (mixed with something edgy, so it’s not too “soft/pretty/girly”), leopard print, and (most) thin stripes! I’m looking to go a little outta my comfort zone here! I’m trying to break away from being too plain. I feel like I just need a few fun pieces to spruce up my existing items.
I’m the type that needs a friend to be like “TRY THIS ON!” and I don’t think it looks good, even on a hanger.. but then end up falling in love with it in the dressing room.

So with Ashley, I felt she can totally rock the mismatch wear that I love. I also know that she likes solid tops so I made sure to include that and also add a little bit more color into her wardrobe. I am also a HUGE fan of color! Like she said she likes to play it safe, but I soooooo think she does NOT need to! 🙂

I also wanted to try to keep each board under $100 each and I wanted to find some stuff at some of her favorite shops as well. With these boards, Ashley has the options to buy some or buy all, but the items can be made into different looks when put together. My best advice…. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns together. It adds so much to an outfit and can give it that edgy fun look!

P.S.… As  I am working on this post, Caprice is pointing to everything and saying, “Oh cute! That looks like you Mom!”….. I think that’s a good sign if my 4 year old likes it!!!!

I’d love to style you too…. Contact me so we can chat!




#Uboard^^^^ from left to right……

1] MoonDust Floral Kimono @ Royalie  $46  2] Pink Floyd Album Tee @ F21 $15    3] Trapeze Cami  @ FP  $48  4] Free Swing Cami  @ FP $30     5] Lace Cami @ Urban Outfitters  $49   6] Malone Tribal Bells @ Top Knot Goods  $30   7] TOMS Desert Cheetah Bootie @ Nordstrom  $73    8] Vigoss Skinny Jeans @ Nordstroms  $29     9] Marled Rugby Stripe Cardigan @ F21  $22


#Brooke’sPicks^^^^ from left to right….

1] Beatles Muscle Tee @ F21  $15     2] Simply Stated Felt Fedora @ Cotton On $17     3] Hooded Jacket @ H&M $20    4] Sequin Crop Camisole  @ Nordstrom   $39   5] Multi Tone Faux Fur @ F21  $41     6]  Crochet Hem Bell Bottoms @ The Minted Exchange       7] Steve Madden Ponncho Bootie @ Nordstrom  $130     8] Diamond Moto Jeans @ F21  $28     9] Velveteen Damask Kimono @ F21  $30