Catcus + Fringe

It has been awhile I know…. I am now on summerrrr break and can you say heaven! Seriously.

So this dress is from Triple Thread Co and I’m hooked on the fringe. and obvi this cactus corner. How lucky are the owners of this little pad. Lauren always takes clients there and the cray lady is yelling at her to leave. so let’s just say we were quick..



Xxxx Brooke 

Dress: Triple Thread Co
Hat: Target
Shoes: Toms  Nordstrom
Glasses: Quay Australia
Lip: MAC Relentlessly Red
Photos: Lauren Pollard Photography


Ok here is my first blog post. I haven’t posted yet on this new little bloggy of mine. I decided to make some growing changes over here. I mean I now have no more binkies in the house…

I started this little INSTAblog with my bestie Holly last year and for those who have followed since day one you know we have changed things up a couple times already. Well, there is about to be one last change. Holly moved on to start her own interior design blog because that’s what she is passionate about. I’ve come to the realization that I would like to also pursue what i have been so passionate about ever since I could remember… Since I’m the type of person that wants to learn all about people I meet and I basically ask you 20 questions about the who, what, why… Well that’s about to go. down. If your into it, then keep reading…. “Let’s get C A N D I D”. As Guiliana Rancic my girl says……

So I’m the type of person that has fashion muses and I love looking at their pictures and getting to know them and imagining who they really are. I mean, I love reading a magazine and feeling inspired too. I love going shopping and seeing someone look totally cute shopping next to me with style that I’m like drooling over… Yes, I love being inspired and putting my own twist on it that makes it Brooke. I love when learn about a beauty tip or secret and where to get it. I’m always like oh yes, thank Gawddddd I learned about that lipstick, hair tip or knowing about those great shoes from target. Yes……. ///////////

My family calls me Simon Cowell due to my honest truth when it comes to my opinion on clothes. You want the truth. Ask Simon they say. I’ll tell you if it looks good or not. My friends and my mom have told me for years to do something with the fashion beast inside me that has been brewing for decades. But I’ve always thought “what makes me any different?”….. I was not confident enough to take a leap into something unknown such as an instaBLOG… for many reasons… that can be saved for another time..

Holly came to me about a year ago with an idea to start a mommy blog with fashion, beauty, kid stuff, arts and crafts etc… after i had finally gathered my courage to post my very 1st #ootd on my personal account the night I went to see Snoop Doggggg. PS. Best. Concert ever. Just saying. Anyways…..this brings me to N O W….this past year I have put myself out there for people to judge or like me. It has made me grow as a person and I am now ready to move onto a new phase into my life that is about me and my love for inspiration. @brooklynn_inspired will be M E in hopes to inspire you with style, beauty, tips, shopping finds and more. Still what I’m bloggin about now but tweaked some. I’m still ALL about mommy tips and sharing but the focus for this blog is my inspiration that can hopefully be reachable to you! I just love who have followed me on this crazy Picture + Typed path that I have created. I really hope you like it!! I love hearing your comments or questions you have for me whenever. However. Seriously. Ask away. THANK you for letting me be real with you and taking the 2 hours I’m sure it took you to read this. I think I’ll turn this bio into a book..?? Anyone wanna buy??….

Until we read again,
Xoxo Brooke